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Mi-Sky Trading - Paraffin at competitive retail prices


The Department of Energy is responsible for ensuring development, utilisation and management of South Africa’s energy sources. As the country’s economy continues to grow, energy is increasingly becoming a key focus.

Programme 1: Administration

To provide strategic support and management services to the Ministry and the Department of Energy (DoE).

Programme 2: Energy Policy and Planning

To ensure evidence-based planning, policy setting and investment decisions in the energy sector to improve energy security through supply- and demand-side management options and increase competition through regulation.

Programme 3: Petroleum and Petroleum Products Regulation

To manage the regulation of petroleum and petroleum products to ensure optimum and orderly functioning of the petroleum industry to achieve Government’s developmental goals.

Programme 4: Electrification and Energy Programme and Project Management

To manage, coordinate and monitor programmes and projects focused on access to energy.


Formulate energy policies, regulatory frameworks and legislation, and oversee their implementation to ensure energy security, promotion of environmentally-friendly energy carriers and access to affordable and reliable energy for all South Africans.

Vision 2025:

Our vision is to improve our energy mix by having 30% clean energy by 2025 within a transformed and sustainable Energy Sector, with universal access to modern energy carriers for all.


Our mission is to regulate and transform the Energy Sector for the provision of secure, sustainable and affordable energy.

Information extracted from the Department of Energy website