Mi-Sky Trading - Paraffin at competitive retail prices


Mi-Sky Trading - Paraffin at competitive retail prices


Mi-Sky Focused Values

At Mi-Sky our values connect us, we live and strive together as we serve a common purpose of true importance. We implement care, safety, integrity, and respect in everything that we do. We are also committed in growing our social responsibility footprint in different communities. Our strong family culture defines who we are and drives how we operate our business.


Looking after our stakeholders by having efficient operational systems and processes in place to nurture relationships enabling the most possible value.


Ensuring the complete well-being of all our employees and customers. Creating a safe working environment is of utmost importance to Mi-Sky. It is imperative that all our colleagues return safely to their families every day. We have boldly adopted to change and have embraced agility with respect to Covid 19 regulations. Mi-Sky has shown real resilience by implementing Covid 19 safety measures and smarter operation plans to ensure the complete well-being of our people.


Meeting the highest ethical standards in every aspect of all business dealings. To take full responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for our work, product and services. We take pride in what we do and our integrity in delivering it. Each individual has the opportunity to progress irrespective of gender, ethnicity or other differences.


Mi-Sky will build and maintain alliances with those that share our interests and can contribute to and participate in our success. We believe in development, education and enrichment. We will foster relationships that integrate the talents, interests and goals of all our co-workers.

Social Responsibility

Mi-Sky will utilise our capabilities and resources to make a meaningful contribution in our operating countries by giving back to the people through training and development. Mi-Sky has both a particular responsibility and a profound opportunity to provide societal value though our core business activities.


Saving the best for last, we have adopted a very strong family culture in our workplace as this is the true origin and reason we all do what we do. Transparency, effective communication and collaboration help us build an environment of trust among each other as well as with our customers. With so much pride and honour we shout out to the world that we are Mi-Sky.